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Google Maps Has Pac-Man Fever

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Pac Man Google Maps

Turn your city’s roads into a Pac-Man game platform

Ever wanted to turn your city into one giant Pac-Man game? Of course you have. Well, now’s your chance: as an early April Fool’s Day present, Google Maps is letting you turn any set of streets into a platform for Pac-Man.

Just go to Google Maps, find the area you’d like to Pac-Man-ify, and click the Pac-Man button—like so:

Click here to begin killing your afternoon

Click here to begin killing your afternoon

Pro-tip: In order for this to work, you need to have a fair amount of crisscrossing streets. So if you live in an isolated cul-de-sac, you might not be able to turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game (our condolences). But any part of your city that has a grid-like setup of streets, such as a downtown area or large suburb, should work nicely.

So hurry on over to Google Maps to start wasting your whole day. Here’s some jam music to listen to while you’re gobbling ghosts: