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What Happens if You Never Change Your Oil? “Catastrophic Failure”

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What Happens if You Never Change Your Oil

What Happens if You Never Change Your Oil?

Perhaps you’ve wondered it yourself: what happens if you never change your oil?  Kelley Blue Book has pulled in the expertise of Quaker State’s Jeff Hsu’s to find out just what would happen to your car if you skip this vital (and simple) maintenance must.

In a video uploaded as part of KBB’s Oil Explained! series on YouTube,  Hsu explains that changing the oil is the one true component of auto maintenance over which a driver has complete control.  Hsu states that those who never change their oil will experience the loss of performance due to the loss of oil additives and the friction created by metal-to-metal contact.

Not changing your oil leads to oxidization, which makes the oil thicker; this reduces oil efficiency, which makes the engine dirtier over time.  This will inevitably lead to “a catastrophic failure” where “every light on your dashboard will light up in a Christmas tree, and then it will quit on you.”

The “Reader’s Digest” version: never changing your oil will wear your engine out, leading to a dead car and costly repairs.

For more useful videos, check out Kelley Blue Book’s YouTube Channel.  For those looking to take the power back, learn how to change your own oil and keep your car’s heart beating strong.

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