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Hearse Gathering Serves as Location for Open Casket Bar and Grill

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Yesterday, we showed you what we thought would be the creepiest hearse story we’d find this Halloween. How wrong we were. Yesterday’s story just brought us a Slash wannabe and his girlfriend, who was possibly Elvira’s blonde sister, driving around Cadillac hearses as their daily drivers. Today’s story, however, is much spookier. Welcome to the Open Casket Bar and Grill.

Open Casket Bar and Grill

A car club from Ann Arbor, Michigan, dubbed the Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club, meets up yearly for a hearse gathering called Hell Fest in Hell, Michigan, putting all their hearses on display: some are new, some are old, some have been used for their actual purpose, some are in great condition, and some are falling apart. But perhaps the coolest part of Hell Fest is one man’s 1983 Cadillac Superior Hearse and the coffin grill he brings along inside it.

Open Casket Bar and Grill

The 1983 Cadillac Superior Hearse

Called the Open Casket Bar and Grill, the brilliantly creepy invention is a grill built into a casket to serve up burgers and hotdogs to everyone in attendance. But it’s not just a grill—it’s also a cooler for drinks and a sound system for some spooky tunes.

Open Casket Bar and Grill

The Open Casket Bar and Grill

Open Casket Bar and Grill

The casket that started it all

Interested in tailgating with the dead? Then check out Steve Frey’s Open Casket Bar and Grill in the video below: