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Horses on the Loose Halt Traffic on Atlanta-Area Highway

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Several horses got loose from an Atlanta-area farm and ran onto a highway earlier this month
Photo: Little Creek Horse Farm

As if Atlanta-area traffic isn’t lousy enough, drivers on a recent Saturday morning got to face a new challenge: runaway horses on the highway.

Keepers at the Little Creek Horse Farm in Decatur, Georgia, let about 10 horses out of the barn. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that the farm’s gate was open.

Of course, the horses found the open gate and proceeded to leave the property. The farm is located right next to U.S. 78, and that’s where the four-legged escapees headed.

Traffic slowed down and eventually came to a halt as the horses trotted out onto the highway.

Vivi Siegel was one of the first motorists to encounter the horses. She was able to take a Facebook video that has since been viewed and shared thousands of times.

“It was scary,” Siegel told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Everyone started going slow, obviously, so we didn’t hit the horses. We wanted to protect them.”

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DeKalb County Police had to shut down the highway. Officers, animal control employees, and farm workers were able to round up the horses and return them to their home.

In a Facebook post, Little Creek Horse Farm thanked police for helping to safely catch the horses and thanked drivers for their patience.

“We know that this situation could have taken a much more tragic turn, so the fact that no people were injured is such a relief,” the post said. “The horses are stiff and sore because they are not designed to run that far and that fast on hard surfaces, but so far, no serious injuries have been spotted.”

In a separate post, the farm assured followers, “Steps will immediately be taken to assure this doesn’t happen again.”

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