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How Does Chevy Teen Driver Work?

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The 2016 Chevy Malibu's Teen Driver System report card

As most parents know, it can be a fine line between gently guiding your children down the right path and micromanaging them. This is especially true when your kids grow old enough to drive. The thought of your teenager having full control of a heavy and dangerous piece of machinery can be terrifying. But today’s automakers are spending more and more time on developing safety technology to keep teens and distractible drivers’ attention behind the wheel. One such example of this is Chevy Teen Driver.

Chevy Teen Driver is available as an option on all new Chevrolet vehicles sold today.

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What’s included with Chevrolet Teen Driver?

GM created Chevy Teen Driver to help you coach your teenager to become a good driver without being overbearing. The following technology is included in the Teen Driver package:

  • Buckle to Drive: This disables the ability to shift out of park for 20 seconds if the driver’s seatbelt is unbuckled. It also uses visual and audible alerts to remind your new driver to buckle up.
  • Speed warning: Allows you to set a maximum allowed speed and displays visual and audible alerts when the driver exceeds this speed.
  • Speed limiter: Using this feature, you can set a maximum vehicle speed of 85 miles per hour to prevent your teen from reenacting their favorite Fast and Furious scene.
  • Volume limit: It’s tempting to act like you’re in a music video with the stereo blaring when you first get your driver’s license, but new drivers in particular should limit their distractions as they develop safe driving habits. Teen Driver’s volume limit lets you set a max volume when your child is behind the wheel.
  • Seat belt audio mute: Another way to get your kid to remember to buckle up? Teen Driver will mute the audio until both driver and front passenger have their seatbelts fastened.

How does it work?

To activate Chevy Teen Driver, tap the “settings” button on the Chevy MyLink infotainment display and select “Teen Driver.” Hit “continue” and create a four-digit PIN, then press “send.” Once you have the PIN set up, you’ll need to register a specific key fob designed for your teen driver’s use only. Place the fob either inside the designated pocket in the armrest, or in the first cupholder (this will vary based on model so ask your Chevy dealer for advice) and hit “Key Registration.” Next, tap “Register” to finish setting up Teen Driver. You can also deregister any key fob if you no longer wish to use Teen Driver.

teenage driver

Once the key fob is registered, you can set the limits you want to add for your kid, such as audio volume or speed warning. When the car is started using the registered key fob, Teen Driver will activate and use the settings you provided.

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After each drive, you can use your PIN to access report cards so you can monitor your child’s driving behavior. The report card shows details like distance driven, maximum speed, overspeed warnings, forward collision alerts, and tailgating alerts.

If your teen is resistant and sulky about Teen Driver (because, let’s face it, teenagers aren’t usually known for their sunny dispositions), you can show them how they can use the report cards themselves to learn safer driving behavior, rather than just pitching it as a way for you to track their every move. If used correctly, a feature like Teen Driver can be a useful tool for everyone involved.