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How to Change Windshield Wiper Blades

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How to Change Windshield Wiper Blades

With fall comes the changing of the color of leaves, and so too comes the need to change your windshield wiper blades.  With rain and snow and muck ahead, a clear windshield is never more necessary; but fear not, for changing your windshield wiper blades is quick, easy, painless, and affordable.  Never done it before?  No worries!  Let us help!

According to the DMV, there are three kinds of wiper blade mounts: Pin Type Arms, Hook Slot Connectors, and Straight-End Connectors.  If your vehicle has one of the former two types, changing the blades is as simple as unlatching a flap or pressing a pin, removing the old blade, and sliding the new blade into place.  The latter will most likely require some screwdriver action, but let’s focus first on the certainties.

New blades should be measured to correspond with your car’s windshield.  This can be done manually or by informing the service technician at your local auto parts store as to what kind of make and model you drive.

First thing first, both windshield wiper arms need to be pulled away from the windshield and into a fixed raised position.  Do not return the arm to the relaxed position over the windshield until the blade is replaced, particularly once the old wiper blade is removed.  Snapping the metal arms back into place without the soft rubber end of the wiper blade attached could result in considerable windshield cracking.

Once the tab is popped, pin is pulled, or screws are undone and the old blade is removed, grab the new wiper blade and line it up on the wiper arm.  Ensure that it fits back in place correctly and is fastened tightly before testing as a loose blade can be flung free from the windshield and result in scratching of the windshield’s glass.

One the new blade is in place, lower it carefully back to the windshield. Repeat the step for the second blade, and you will be done in a jiff.

If you need a visual aid to help you, check out our video:

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