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How to Choose the Right Wedding Transportation

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When you first get engaged, planning a wedding seems like a fun, enjoyable experience. For many brides, though—me included—the rose-colored glasses you don at the beginning of planning a wedding can quickly get ripped off. The wedding-planning process, while it has its delightful moments, can quickly become time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. From picking a date to choosing a wedding venue and, of course, finding that perfect dress, the stress can continue to grow until you’re feeling a bit crazy.

As a bride who went a bit crazy while planning her wedding, I want to make it easier on you. Because really, planning a wedding should be a load of fun and not as stressful as it became for me. So, I want to offer you some tips on choosing the right wedding transportation.

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Wedding Car Front End

Think Ahead

For many couples planning a wedding, choosing the right wedding transportation isn’t a top priority on their list—but it should be. The type of vehicle you take to your reception can say a lot about you and your new spouse. Plus, if you love cars as much as I do, it’s also the great opportunity to check out cars you might not otherwise set foot in.

Now, I was completely unusual in my wedding transportation picking and actually let my fiancé (now husband) and my mother (who’s still my mom) choose the vehicle. They wanted to keep it a complete surprise for me, since:

  1. They knew how extremely stressed out I was (we’re talking eat-your-feelings level of stress right here)
  2. They understood my love for anything with four wheels

If you are choosing your own transportation, though, there are some things you should do before even starting the wedding transportation-shopping process. First, it’s important to have a budget for your vehicle. Seriously. A wedding budget is immensely helpful when planning a wedding, so stick to yours. Carve out a bit of the budget for the transportation that fits you and your significant other. If you’re really into cars—and don’t care as much about some other aspect of your wedding—then splurge; if you couldn’t give two craps about the car you arrive at the venue in, then scrimp.

Once a budget is chosen, start looking pronto. I suggest booking transportation way in advance of your wedding date. We waited waaaay too long—almost a month before the wedding—before we started looking, and it was extremely difficult to find the right vehicle.

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Wedding Car

Consider All the Options

Remember, the classic white limo is only one option to consider when shopping for a wedding car. This is your time to shine, so consider all the options. A party bus might be great if you want to roll up to your reception with your entire bridal party, while a classic vehicle could offer an old-world charm that adds elegance to your day. Even a horse and carriage can be considered.

When looking for a company to rent your vehicle from, also remember that there are more than just limo companies to consider. My groom and my mom actually found our car through a local classic car club. There is an abundance of these throughout the country, so if there’s one particular vintage vehicle you’ve had your eye on, then go through your local car channels before looking into a limo company. Sometimes, renting from a classic car owner is actually cheaper than renting from a company!

Think Ahead | Consider Options | Wedding Party | See It Before | Guest Shuttle



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Remember Your Wedding Party

One thing we forgot to consider while searching for our wedding transportation was the wedding party. Now, we didn’t have a big party by any means—only three people on each side. But when I piled into the car on the big day with my two bridesmaids and my bridesman (mixed bridal party, for the win!), things got a bit uncomfortable.

Granted, I was perfectly fine since I was seated up front with our wonderful driver who talked cars with me the entire way to our venue (best pre-wedding conversation ever), but my bridal party was crammed in the backseat like a pack of sardines. This lack of room was exacerbated by the car’s extra-bouncy springs, which would launch them a few inches into the air when we went over potholes.

Add the fact that my bridesman had to go to the bathroom* and… well… you can just imagine how awkward things were back there.

So, when you’re looking into your own wedding transportation, don’t forget about your wedding party. This group of people are wonderful, so their comfort should be considered when planning a wedding. If you’re driving a classic car to the venue, maybe just take it alone or with your maid of honor or best man. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen might thank you later!

*Make your bridal party go pee before getting into the car. Seriously. You won’t regret it.

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Ask to See It Before the Big Day

Some companies can be a bit skeevy and will advertise vehicles they don’t actually own. Now, this isn’t every company—and this is likely just my cynical outlook of the world coloring my view—but it’s always important to know what you’re getting before you get it. Once you’ve narrowed down your search to different companies, feel free to request a viewing of the vehicle. This way, unwelcome surprises can be ignored and you know exactly what type of vehicle is going to arrive to pick you up on your wedding day.

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Contemplate a Guest Shuttle

If many of your guests are out-of-towners and many are staying at the same hotel, consider booking a wedding shuttle to take your guests from the hotel to your venue and back again. Navigating unknown roads is tricky, and you wouldn’t want your guests to worry about getting home after having a blast at your reception. Many charter buses have seating capacities for up to 56 passengers, so consider getting a shuttle for your peace of mind—and your guests’.

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