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How to Keep Fido from Chasing After Your Wheels

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Dogs are often at the mercy of their instincts, even if those instincts have the potential to get them into real danger.

Puppies are naturally wired to chase cars and other moving objects, and when they don’t have appropriate outlets, puppies target chasing bicycles or even chasing cats or kids,” according to Writer Amy Shojai.

To keep your pet and everyone around him safe, it’s important to teach Fido what’s okay and what isn’t okay to pursue, according to Shojai.

“To teach what not to chase, your pup must first be trained to leash walk nicely and to understand ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ commands,” reports Shojai. “Then expose your dog to staged situations that prompt chasing behavior, such as livestock or cars.”

Shojai recommends tethering your dog to a six-foot leash and instructing him to sit; then tempt your pup with a person riding by on a bicycle, jogging, or driving. While the person moves along, reinforce the command to sit and stay.

“Distract your dog with a food reward, praising him for not chasing. As soon as he begins to agitate about running after, make an about-face and walk the other direction while praising and offering treats. You want the pup to associate the car/bike/jogger presence with treats as he WALKS AWAY from the enticement,” writes Shojai.

Although you’ll never be able to completely curb your canine’s instinct to chase, Shojai says it can be redirected; she notes that fetch is a good way for your pup to safely burn through his chasing energy and to further keep him safe, consider investing in a fence for your yard and obedience training.

News Source: The Spruce