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How to Keep Sand Out of Your Car

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Taking your family to the beach is a fun way to spend the weekend, but even a quick trip to the shore can fill your car with coarse, irritating sand. It gets everywhere, and it’s a pain to remove. To avoid lingering granules infesting the interior, here are some effective ways to keep sand out of your car.  

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Simple methods to keep sand out of your car

Before you go

When you’re packing up the car to head to the beach, prepare the vehicle for your excursion. Gather some old bed sheets you don’t use anymore and cover the seats and trunk with them. If any sand does get into the car, it’ll stick to the sheets, not the upholstery.

Bring these items

  • A mesh bag to put your belongings in, so you can shake it out before you leave the beach.
  • A trash bag to put your shoes and towels in when you return to the car.
  • A gallon of water to rinse your hands and feet off with before you get into the car.
  • Slip-on flip-flops for walking to and from the beach.

When leaving the beach

Have as much fun as you want at the beach, but before you start trekking back to the car to leave, make sure you thoroughly rinse off. Take a dip in the water, being careful to immerse yourself without rolling around on the sand. Also rinse off at the facility-provided shower stations as you leave. Doing both of these should be enough to sweep most of the sand off your body.

When you’re home

Shake out the car mats and vacuum the interior immediately when you get home. The longer you wait, the deeper the sand granules will work their way into the fabric. And if you prepared well to keep sand out of your car, a quick vacuum should be all it takes to make the interior sand-free again.

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