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How to Return your Rental Car

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Find out how to return your rental car before you're pressed for time.

Find out how to return your rental car before you’re pressed for time.

Returning a rental car can seem confusing. Some companies have a simple key drop, while others want to perform a full inspection. Here we will walk you through how to return your rental car, helping you to avoid any anxiety about the process.

When you pick up your rental car, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand the company’s drop-off procedure at that time. If it’s not obvious, ask where you should pull in at the time of drop-off, and the drop-off hours. Usually you’ll have a certain time frame in which you need to return the car. If you don’t arrive in time, you may be charged for another day. Some companies allow you to drop off before or after hours using a key drop.

When you return the car, make sure you’ve filled the gas tank, or be prepared to pay an outrageous price per gallon for the rental company to do it for you. If you’re in a hurry or find yourself in a bind, it’s helpful that they will take care of it, even at the high price.

When dropping off the car at busy airports, you may find that the company has an assembly line of sorts, with drivers pulling into a number of marked lanes. If this is the case, you should pull in behind the car in front of you, park, and get out of the car. You can start unloading your luggage, and within minutes an attendee should be with you. They will quickly look over the car, take the keys, and give you a receipt.

If you’re catching a flight, give yourself extra time to allow for transit between the return counter and the airport’s check in counter. Sometimes the rental agencies are a short bus ride away from the terminal. Despite there being a few different return setups, the process is quite easy, and you should have no trouble.