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How to Survive a Traffic Jam 101

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How to Survive a Traffic Jam

Don’t worry. I don’t bite, but my car does.

You have had a rough day at the office, and you have big plans at home. You are already running late, and then you forget something. You get on the highway without checking the traffic reports. Suddenly the cars slow around you until everything stops at a standstill.

Traffic jams are like sinus infections. We do not ask for them, but they happen. You may get in one today, so it is only fitting you are reading this article. I am here to ensure that you know how to survive a traffic jam, so here are some ways you can make best use of the time.

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Make some phone calls. Call home to let your significant other, roommate or parents know that you are stuck in a jam and will be home late. On the flip side, if you are heading to work, give your boss a convenient heads-up and inform him or her of how you plan to make up the time you miss. It may also be a good time to call up a friend you have not heard from in awhile.

Read or listen. If traffic is stopped, now would be a good time to read that one book you have been meaning to finish. If traffic is slowly moving, start listening to a podcast on a topic that interests you. You may learn something new.

Journal your thoughts. Let’s be honest. We do a lot of thinking without even processing it. A traffic jam is an opportune moment to write it out asking yourself questions. What went well today? What could have gone better? What have I learned this year? Where am I at with my personal goals? What is my dream?

Talk to other drivers. You will want to avoid getting out of your vehicle if you are in the middle of a traffic jam because you do not know when traffic will start moving again. It doesn’t hurt to roll down your window to discuss with your neighbor drivers what road hazards lie ahead.

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Blast some karaoke. Admit it, my friend. You are a rock star, and the interior cabin of your vehicle is your stage whenever your favorite song explodes through your car’s radio speakers. It’s karaoke time, and it’s ok. We have all been there. Sing loud and proud, and work on memorizing a new song.

Gridlock on the freeway does not sound like a bad idea at all when you realize you can still maximize your time while in the midst of it. Here’s hoping your travel is uneventful. In case it is not, you are now fully prepared to survive a traffic jam.