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Human Habits that Put Canines at Risk in the Car

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Some dogs love a ride in the car; others, not so much. But, no matter if your furry family member loves or hates the four-wheel machine, keeping them safe on the road is always a top priority.

And, even if you consider yourself a very responsible pet owner, which no doubt you are, you might still be guilty of putting your pet at risk during a car ride. It is difficult to say “no” to the big brown eyes that implore you to roll the window down all the way or beg you to let him sit on your lap while you’re driving. Yet, as pet parents, in the name of safety and love, you have to look like a jerk and say no.

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Your furry friend makes an incredible driving companion, but if you let Fido ride shotgun, you’re risking his safety, according to writer Aaron Miller. In the event of an accident, a deployed airbag can cause severe injury to a dog.

Although the backseat is safer than the front seat, letting your dog roam untethered in the back seat is a safety hazard, too, according to Miller.

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Using a harness to secure Fido during a car ride is great way to keep him safe, but make sure you’ve invested in one that has passed a crash test; Miller recommends the Sleepypod Clickit Utililty—check out for more information and reviews. Miller advises researching your crate, too, to find out if it’s crash-test approved and to take the time to properly install the crate into your vehicle.

“Make sure you’re strapping it to the anchor points of your car as tightly as you can,” writes Miller.

The truck bed is no place for dogs to ride, either, warns Miller, and although dogs love it when they can stick their heads (and most of their torso) out of a completely rolled down windows, it’s not safe.

In order to keep your dog safe on the road, keep them secure and inside the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is moving.

News Source: Thrillist