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Hydraulic-Powered Hum Rider Jeep Grand Cherokee Travels Over Traffic

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The Hum Rider has the high ground!

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a vehicle renowned for its off-road capabilities. However, a team of marketeers from Thinkmodo recently worked with a team of designers from A2Zfx to create a Jeep Grand Cherokee that specializes in above-road capabilities.

The result of this partnership is the hydraulic-powered Hum Rider vehicle.

At first glance, the Hum Rider might resemble a regular Grand Cherokee. However, whenever it gets stuck behind traffic, that is when the Hum Rider demonstrates its hidden capabilities.

The Hum Rider Jeep is built upon a custom hydraulic system designed by Scott Beverly of A2Zfx. With a push of a button, the hydraulic system lifts the Grand Cherokee up into the air, where it stands 9 feet tall.

About as far from a lowrider as you can get

Not only that, but the hydraulics also extend outward to provide the Hum Rider with enough clearance to travel right over standard sedans. In order to ensure that nothing is damaged while traveling over traffic, the Hum Rider comes equipped with four cameras underneath the body of the vehicle, providing drivers with a better view of the vehicles they are driving over.

Of course, all of those hydraulics don’t come without weighing the Hum Rider down a bit. At 8,500 pounds, the Hum Rider weighs almost twice as much as the average Jeep Grand Cherokee.

You can catch the Hum Rider in action in the video below:

Before you get any commuting ideas, the Hum Rider is not for sale. Instead, it is a one-of-a-kind vehicle designed to promote Verizon’s Hum platform.

Verizon Hum adds features like roadside assistance and location tracking to vehicles made after 1996 possessing a Bluetooth speaker. The Hum hardware costs $29, and the service itself is available for a monthly fee of $10.

There’s still automotive convenience at the push of a button, but the effect just isn’t the same.

Verizon turned to Thinkmodo for a way to promote the vehicle service in a unique way. That is when Thinkmodo brainstormed the idea of the Hum Rider vehicle.

“In many respects, [the Hum Rider is] a bit of a metaphor, taking the ordinary driving experience and making it extraordinary,” said Verizon VP of Marketing Jay Jaffin.

In the long run, it’s probably for the best that the Hum Rider is only on the road for promotions. After all, having a Jeep Grand Cherokee drive over cars to cut in line would probably lead to some increased amounts of road rage.

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