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Hyundai Bucket List: Best Places for Hyundai Fans to Visit

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Hyundai interior steering wheel

For the serious automotive enthusiast, it’s not simply enough to drive or own a car–a truly fulfilling experience comes with getting an insider’s look into the industry. For a peek into the world of Hyundai Motors, there are seven important places to visit around the world.

7 Must-See Hyundai Destinations for Your Bucket List

Hyundai Alabama Plant: The brand’s US production facility in Montgomery, Alabama offers free guided tours to visitors during certain weekdays. Watching the production of Hyundai cars is a must if you want to see the company as an insider. The brand’s US-sold sedans are built here.

Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant: Another production facility of Hyundai’s, this one in South Korea claims to be the largest automotive manufacturing site on the planet. 5,600 vehicles are produced each day in the five plants on the 16.5 million square-foot site.

Hyundai-Kia R&D Museum: Head to Namyang Hasung Gyeonggi in South Korea to see the history of Hyundai exhibited through original models on display, such as the Pony, Stellar, and Porter. Unfortunately, to see the museum within the company’s research/design center, you must be an employee or receive an invitation.

Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul: This unique-looking building is the brand’s “cultural space” it shares with its consumers. It includes an automotive publications library, cafe, Hyundai-themed lounges, kids area with slot cars, and a multi-floor gallery displaying horizontal, suspended vehicles on a car rotator.

Tate Modern: Hyundai is a major sponsor of this modern art gallery in London, and has collaborated on multiple exhibits over the years. Visiting Tate Modern will show you the influence that Hyundai is having in areas outside the automotive industry.

Hyundai Heavy Industries: The Hyundai brand covers many other companies apart from automobiles, including the Hyundai Heavy shipbuilding company. Tours of its state-of-the-art industrial facility in Ulsan are available to the public during weekdays.

Global Business Center: While Hyundai’s multi-billion-dollar, 105-story headquarters in Samseong-dong (southern Seoul, Korea) won’t be completed for a couple more years, make sure you save room for it on your Hyundai bucket list. In addition to offices, it will also hold a convention center, hotel, and automotive theme park.