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Hyundai Merchandise Makes Affordable, Practical Christmas Gifts

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Hyundai merchandise collection various gifts

While some auto companies are known for their bombastic brand marketing on all merchandise known to man (we won’t name names), others prefer a functional, subtle approach that doesn’t draw undue attention. Some fans, especially those of Hyundai, enjoy showing fan spirit in a way that doesn’t annoy other people.

Yet, you don’t have to own a Hyundai to enjoy any of the practical Hyundai merchandise offered at the Hyundai Gift Store online. You can even find some great Christmas gifts there without breaking the bank.

Hyundai Merchandise Is Perfect For Affordable Christmas Gifts

There’s Hyundai merchandise available online at the Hyundai Gift Store for a variety of budgets, thanks to the affordable and functional items from Land’s End:

NotepadUnder $5: Even the thriftiest of shoppers can still find items costing less than a Starbucks drink. An ice scraper, twist pen with Stylus, men’s athletic shorts, Recycled notepad set, and Our New Car coloring book all make excellent stocking stuffers.

CapUnder $10: For those shopping for Secret Santa gifts with a $10 limit, consider an h2go water bottle, knit cap, mug, tumbler, 16oz stealth mug, tricolor or monochrome cap, or ice scraper with fuzzy mitt.

BackpackUnder $20: Get a gift you can use on the go! Check out the official Hyundai-branded Igloo Avalanche cooler, Ultimate Sports Bag and backpacks, golf umbrella, beach towels, fleece throws, aprons, T-shirts, and  a roadside kit (with tire gauge, flashlight, pen in metal case).

green shirtUnder $30: Hyundai offers a large variety of men’s and women’s clothing in a wide assortment of colors. From polos and dress shirts to sweatpants and short sleeve blouses, you can find anything to wear–and have the Hyundai logo embroidered on it. Or, grab a Royal Blue golf kit (with 12-pack cooler, tees, golf balls, and can holder) or auto wash kit (with collapsible bucket, microfiber cloths, wash mit, wax applicator) for your loved one.

If you have the money to go above $40, plenty of zip hoodies, fleece jackets, cardigans, active-wear, and canvas tote bags are still on the market. Just don’t forget to include shipping costs!

Some promotional items won’t be offered forever, so get shopping and stock up on gifts for next Christmas if you have to!