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Hyundai Unveils “Walking Dead” Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine

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With the Season Four premiere of The Walking Dead on the near horizon, Hyundai has unveiled the winner of its Walking Dead Chop Shop contest—the fierce looking Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine.

Designed by Walking Dead fan Anson Kuo, the Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine is a heavily modified Santa Fe that has all of the necessary trimmings for a Sunday drive (across an endless stretch of zombie infested highway): knife blades protrude from the side panels and the grille, a crossbow and two machine guns line the hood, and razor wire is strung over the windows to protect the vehicle’s inhabitants.

Kuo’s Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine was chosen as the winner from 82,500 submissions based upon its “survivability” score.  Proven to be the most capable of handling the zombie apocalypse, the Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine will now be rendered in real life by Galpin Auto Sports and revealed on October 10 at the New York Comic-Con, just days ahead of Sunday’s The Walking Dead Season Four premiere on AMC.

“Having Anson’s winning design on display at New York Comic-Con is a fun way to celebrate The Walking Dead’s 10th anniversary,” The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman said in a statement.  No word as to whether or not the Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine will make an appearance in a future episode of the show.  If it does, we can only hope that Daryl Dixon is the one driving it.