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ICYMI: “Mini Motorways” Announced at Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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Two Nintendo Switch OLED Consoles on a desk
Photo: BeatEmUps via CC

Nintendo has been offering a variety of fun and complex video games on its consoles throughout the years. Not only does the brand work with big-name companies, but it also hosts its Indie World Showcase to give smaller creators a chance to shine.

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One of the games that made an appearance at Indie World Showcase 2022 was “Mini Motorways.” This game gives you the chance to create a series of roadways that best serve the flow of traffic. You start with a small network and then eventually grow to a “bustling metropolis,” as noted by the New Zealander game developers, Dinosaur Polo Club.

While the idea of solely building roads seems a bit simple, the game actually keeps you on your toes as you have to manage various upgrades and ensure you meet the changing demands of traffic. As you master the various road networks, you’ll have the chance to unlock multiple maps (inspired by real cities across the world) and color palettes. All the while, the responsive game soundtrack adapts as your city grows, making the game all the more immersive.

“Mini Motorways” was previously available on Apple Arcade and Steam, but with its premiere at Indie World 2022, it is now available on the Nintendo Switch platform for $14.99. Through the Nintendo Switch Online function, you can also compete against other players in Daily and Weekly Challenges.

Will you be checking out “Mini Motorways” for the Nintendo Switch? What car-related Switch games are you currently playing? Let us know!

WATCH: “Mini Motorways” Trailer