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Infiniti Gets Cheese Wheel Upgrade with Good Mythical Morning

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This is both impressive and gross

You can buy wheels of cheese, and your car needs wheels to roll forward. Can you put the two together and mount cheese wheels on a car to make it move? That’s what Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal wanted to know, and the results are cheesy and delicious.

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In an episode of Good Mythical Morning titled simply “We Put Cheese Wheels on a Car,” Rhett and Link tasked their team, known as the Mythical Crew, to take a classic 1993 Infiniti G20 and upgrade its tires to some sweet yellowwall wheels made of cheese. They didn’t just need to look good but also be able to drive in the studio parking lot.

The squad got to work, choosing 38-pound cheddar cheese wheels to mount on the car because they thought the hefty hunks wouldn’t crumble under the vehicle like a more brittle cheese, but would still be able to hold its weight. Unfortunately, they were wrong. The cheese wheels didn’t have the diameter of normal tires to give the car ground clearance, and the lug nuts were ripping through the soft wheels.

After that mishap, art director Mike Pasley got to work to make tires that were not solid cheese, but cheese components brought together for increased strength. After several tries, Pasley finally made tires by coating cheesecloth in cheese powder mixed with food glue and topping it with grated parmesan, Goldfish crackers, ramen noodles, Doritos, and other cheese snacks to create a strip of cheese concrete. He then wound the covered cloth around a tire rim until it was thick enough to be a tire, and finally, he coated the entire thing in melted cheddar and left it out in the sun to dry.

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It looked gross, but this is the method that finally worked. Rhett and Link were able to ride in a car with cheese wheels as their loyal team pushed them down the parking lot. The wheels might have only turned about half of the time, and the tires lost a bit of cheesecloth towards the end of the drive, but the Mythical Crew accomplished the mission. The two hosts even got down on the ground to take a bite of the tires and confirm that they were totally cheese.

This is not the first time the Mythical Crew tortured its poor 1993 Infiniti G20. A popular (and gross) segment of Good Mythical Morning involves leaving things on a shelf for 30 days, usually soaking in something like Guinness or Windex. This summer, the Mythical Crew took things one step further and left items in a hot car for a month. The 1993 Infiniti G20, rebranded as “The Car That We Leave Things In” combined its greenhouse effect with sunlight to create some really gross tofu, melt a pair of sandals, and boil an egg.

We hope this isn’t the end of the 1993 Infiniti G20. Infiniti certainly doesn’t have cheese tires in mind when it builds its vehicles, but they really looked good on this classic model.