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Infiniti Online Auto Auction Makes Bidding Easy

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Infiniti Online Auto AuctionInfiniti has taken a giant leap into the future with the introduction of the INFINITI’S 1ST CHOICE online live auto auction. This new online auction system uses innovative technology to make it easier for Infiniti retailers to bid on off-lease Infiniti vehicles from the comfort of their desks. That’s right: the Infiniti online auto auction makes it possible for retailers to win the rights to quality pre-owned Infiniti vehicles before they even put on their loafers in the morning.

“INFINITI’S 1ST CHOICE offers many advantages to our Infiniti retailers compared to your standard auto auction,” said Kevin Cullum, director of Remarketing for Infiniti Financial Services, in a press release. “It saves them time, money and provides them with the first choice of pre-owned Infiniti inventory while still protecting residual values.”

The Infiniti online auction program uses the Simulcast Everywhere (SE) program, allowing retailers to source Infiniti vehicles online and then bid on them without competing with non-Infiniti dealers. The vehicles, including those at the end of their lease period, will be located at dealerships before ultimately being transported to a traditional auction, minimizing standard transportation, auction, and reconditioning fees.

205 Infiniti dealers worldwide have already signed up for the SE-powered Infiniti online auction, and it’s entirely plausible that the number will increase significantly as those participating retailers begin gaining an edge over their competitors and increasing their inventory.