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Is It Illegal to Sleep in Your Car?

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If you’ve ever wondered if sleeping in your car is legal in the U.S., you’re in the right place. We’ve done a bit of digging to round up some answers on this topic, so you can finally ease your mind.

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Is there a federal rule about sleeping in the car?

Currently, there’s no nationwide law that makes sleeping in your car illegal. However, some states don’t allow overnight parking at public areas like rest stops. Furthermore, some cities have regional laws that make it illegal to nap in your vehicle. According to The Daily Dot, more than 81 towns have banned car-sleeping since 2014.

If you’re driving through an unfamiliar part of the U.S., it’s best to do a bit of research to find legal places to nap or park your car overnight before hitting the road. You can also check out free online guides like AllStays or HipCamp that list designated “safe parking” areas where you can catch some shut-eye en route to your destination.

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How safe is it to sleep in your car overnight?

True, some people sleep in their vehicles because they can’t afford housing. But if you have a house of your own and simply enjoy an occasional car-nap, you might want to evaluate the safety of this sleeping scenario.

There are some significant risks associated with car-napping, as Car Bibles confirms. For instance, if you sleep in a parked vehicle and leave the engine running, you could experience carbon monoxide poisoning. Another primary hazard is if you park your vehicle in a dangerous part of town before you doze off. This makes you vulnerable to theft or assault.

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