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Jayco’s Climate Shield Protects Your RV in Extreme Temperatures

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Jayco Climate Shield

Depending on where you live — or where you like to travel in your recreational vehicle — temperatures can get fairly extreme, especially around this time of the year. But if you own an RV and love to camp at the height of winter or summer, you know that no amount of space heaters or fans can properly keep you comfortable or prevent the lines from freezing.

If you’re just storing your RV in the winter, then you just need to winterize your RV, but if you’re trying to extend your camping season, you need something like Jayco’s Climate Shield, a package designed to protect your RV against extreme heat and extreme freezing.

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Climate Shield includes five major features:

  • G20 tint windows that protect the interior from sunlight
  • A heated underbelly that protects the tanks and lines from freezing
  • Double-sided “Radiant Barrier” reflective insulation to maintain interior temperature
  • A combo layer of front cap fiberglass and Radiant Barrier for the bedroom, just to make sure you’re extra cozy at night
  • PEX-tested plumbing rated for temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit

To test Climate Shield, Jayco took five of its RVs to a Dometic climate control facility, where they were subjected to temperatures of 0 degrees and 100 degrees for eight-hour periods. During the heat test, RVs maintained an internal temperature of 71 degrees, while during the cold test, the internal temperature stayed at around 68 degrees, with plumbing still functional.

If you like to camp when temperatures would otherwise be a deterrent, Jayco’s Climate Shield is a must-have. You can find it on select Pinnacle, Seismic, North Point, and Talon RVs as well as all Eagle travel trailers and fifth wheels.

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