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Kia Gives Viewers Sneak Peek of Christopher Walken Commercial

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Christopher Walken Kia Optima Commercial

Walken with his sock puppet sidekick

Last week, Kia announced that its Super Bowl commercial will star Christopher Walken—and now the Korean carmaker is giving us a glimpse of the commercial.

While Kia’s sneak peek isn’t much to go on—it’s merely two pictures and a tiny little paragraph of text—we do know a few things. 1. There’s a car. 2. Christopher Walken is in it. And 3. He has a puppet.

A colorful sock puppet to be exact.

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Christopher Walken Kia Optima Commercial PreviewAnd I have to say, he’s looking pretty good in a spiffy, gray suit!

The Kia Motors’ Super Bowl commercial for the all-new 2016 Kia Optima mid-size sedan will be 60 seconds long. It is scheduled to run in the third quarter, and is supposed to show why the Optima is not your everyday, traditional sedan.

What better way to show that than with Christopher Walken?

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Kia’s Super Bowl commercial joins two others that Walken is starring in. In both “Middle C” and “Cookie Cutter,” Walken narrates as each television spot highlights the 2016 Optima’s amazing features. In an advertising team that already includes the likes of NBA superstars LeBron James and Blake Griffin, Walken is an unexpected addition—which is exactly what Kia wants.

Maybe they’ll add more cowbell to their commercials, too.

More Cowbell

VIDEO: Catch Walken’s Newest Kia Commercial