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Kia Posts Best-Ever January Sales to Begin 2015

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2015 Optima Wheel

A 2015 Kia Optima wheel

Kia’s 2014 momentum has carried into the new year, with the Korean automaker posting best-ever January sales of 38,299 vehicles sold in America last month. That’s a 3.5% increase over January 2014, which was led by the Optima (9,394 units) and Soul (8,142).

“Yahoo called Kia one of the ‘hottest brands’ in the industry in early January, and as economic conditions continue to improve, our record-setting January performance proved them right as more and more customers entered the market and considered Kia for the first time,” said Michael Sprague, the brand’s executive vice president of sales & marketing. “Kia has one of the youngest and best-looking lineups in the business, including the completely redesigned Sedona, which brings unmatched styling and amenities to the segment and sold nearly four times as many units as the outgoing model did in January 2014.”

LeBron James Endorses Kia K900

LeBron James endorses the Kia K900 as part of the “Fit For A King” campaign

Now, as we do each month, let’s play the “How many K900s did LeBron sell this month?” game. Before King James became the car’s official luxury ambassador in late October, Kia only sold 62 K900s that month. According to our very unscientific method, you can figure out how many K900s are being sold by LeBron’s star power each month by subtracting pre-LeBron-endorsement figures from post-LeBron-endorsement figures. Well, 119 K900s were sold in January, which means LeBron had his best month ever, selling 57 units!

Next month we can add the question, “How many Sorentos did James Bond sell?” to our monthly sales reports, which will be fun.

For the full list of Kia’s January sales figures, check out the chart that Kia provided below, which lists both “Month of January” sales and “Year-to-Date” sales, even though those are the exact same thing.

Kia January Sales Figures