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Kia SEMA Teaser Video Goes Crazy With Sparklers, Cheesy Pizza

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Kia SEMA Teaser Video

The Kia SEMA teaser video goes a bit crazy with the sparklers, but would be awesome if it was a commercial

Carmakers tend to release some pretty baffling teaser images and videos before various car shows. Whether its severely cropped pictures of headlights or entirely pitch black photos with a mere silhouette line, teasers are meant to perplex. But they typically have one major thing in common—they highlight only small details of the future vehicles, not the entire thing. That is, unless you’re Kia.

The Korean carmaker’s most recent Sorento teaser video, which hints at what’s to come for the SEMA show, is a bit different than what the industry has come to expect from teasers.

Watch: Kia Sorento SEMA Teaser Video

As the video begins, it looks like someone had a whole lot of fun running around the Kia Sorento with some sparklers. Like something from a wedding photographer’s repertoire, lines of light surround the Sorento as hardcore techno music plays in the background. Suddenly, the lights go off and we’re transported to sunny California as we head off on what seems like a road trip.

Finally, after eating what looks to be the entirety of a delicious pizza, we end up in Las Vegas, getting a nice car wash, until we continue traveling throughout the United States, catching sights many would kill to see. As the Sorento continues its road trip—getting pulled over at some point before St. Louis—we’re shown plenty of the Sorento’s terrific features.

While this is a creative teaser the likes of which we’ve never seen before, it leaves the viewers scratching their head. If it’s supposed to be a teaser… why show so much of the car? It seems more like a commercial than anything—and it would be a darn good commercial at that.

Hopefully, we get a less artsy look at Kia’s SEMA lineup sometime soon. Kia’s SEMA lineup will debut at the show on November 3rd in Las Vegas.