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Kia Shows Off Entire Super Bowl Commercial Before Big Day

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Kia has released its newest Super Bowl commercial, and it doesn’t just star Christopher Walken—it also stars a nice pair of bright, polka-dotted socks.

I promise the socks make sense once you actually watch the 90-second spot.

Kia’s Super Bowl ad is actually quite inspired. The Korean carmaker is continually looking to set the Optima apart from the “boring and basic” midsize sedan segment, and it does it well. The use of socks—and Walken’s signature method of speaking— in the commercial is merely Kia’s way of exemplifying that.

Christopher Walken Kia Commercial

Put your sock where your mouth is and don’t be boring– or Walken will come for you

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The spot begins with a very, very bland man walking into his extremely beige closet, only to discover he’s not alone. While most people would run if they found Christopher Walken in their closet, this man instead stays to listen to Walken explain, “There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are content to blend in… then there are those who expect more. They’re exciting. They have pizzazz.” At this point, he reveals a sock on his right hand that is in colorful, pizzazz-y contrast with the beige sock in his left. Maybe he’s trying to become Christopher Socken? *giggle*

VIDEO: Watch Christopher Walken and His Sock Puppet

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The 2016 Kia Optima finally comes into play when the closet opens to show off the anything-but-ordinary sedan. Walken suggests the man tries it on for size, which he does, as Walken encourages him to hit the gas with his sock puppet.

Overall, it’s an extremely unexpected Super Bowl spot that is sure to get a lot of attention. Make sure you keep an eye out for the Kia Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter of the big game.

News Source: Automotive News