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Kia Skips Superbowl LV Ad to “Accelerate the Good”

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Kia is focusing on small town football this year

In recent years, Kia has lost its taste for spending millions on 30- and 60-second spots during football’s biggest game of the season. Rather than airing a clever Super Bowl commercial starring the hottest celebrities or latching onto everyone’s nostalgia to sell something, the Korean automaker is sticking to its more recent charitable efforts through the “Accelerate the Good” campaign.

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The campaign debuted in 2019 with the introduction of The Great Unknowns Scholarship. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kia shifted its methods of assistance by providing customers with payment deferrals and creating PPE at its manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia. Now, after two separate $1 million donations to organizations that support America’s homeless youth, Kia is getting back to where the “Accelerate the Good” program began.

Kia is putting the spotlight on the kids whose football dreams have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. With sports programs canceled across the country, the dreams of many NFL hopefuls have been put on pause. The first school to receive a $50,000 donation from Kia is Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, New Jersey.

“We’re honored and humbled to accept such a wonderful donation from Kia Motors,” said Katrina McCombs, Camden City School Superintendent. “Our children and student-athletes deserve every opportunity to compete in the classroom and on the athletic fields. We know first-hand that this generous donation will help restore and elevate our football program for some very deserving student-athletes.”

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In the next few weeks, Kia plans to assist additional high school football programs. In the meantime, a 30-second commercial titled “The Game Must Go On” will air as a reminder of how these student-athletes have been affected.

Watch: Kia’s “The Game Must Go On” Commercial