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Kia Super Bowl Commercial with Pierce Brosnan Revealed

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Former Bond star Pierce Brosnan in "action-mode" in the clever new Kia Super Bowl ad

Former Bond star Pierce Brosnan in “action-mode” in the clever new Kia Super Bowl ad

If fans were up in arms about James Bond driving a Fiat, how will they feel when he gets behind the wheel of a Kia? We’ll all find out on Sunday, when the new Kia Super Bowl commercial with Pierce Brosnan airs.

If you can’t wait until game time, go ahead and check out the new Sorento ad now:

2015 Kia Super Bowl Commercial

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The car commercial plays on the typecasting Brosnan has dealt with ever since his career was defined by the role of secret agent 007 (although he’ll always be Remington Steele to Marge). When an agent pitches a new project to Brosnan, the actor assumes it’s going to be another rote action film.

But in fact, it’s a commercial for the 2016 Kia Sorento SUV, and instead of a “top secret mission,” Brosnan’s character is traveling up a mountain to meet a standard issue Pretty Car Commercial Lady™ for “the perfect getaway.”

What ultimately sells Brosnan on taking the role is the reassurance that he can “keep the car.”

Still from the new Kia Super Bowl Commercial With Pierce Brosnan

“A moose?”

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As far as Super Bowl car commercials are going this year, it’s pretty decent. Not as great as the BMW “what’s an internet?” ad, but also not nearly as groan-inducing as the Mercedes-Benz tortoise versus the hare commercial.

“Along with the two leading teams, at one of America’s greatest sporting events, the Super Bowl commercials are the centerpiece of the day,” Brosnan said. “I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Kia team, which traditionally has one of the most memorable spots in the game.”

“Pierce is an action-adventure star,” said Michael Sprague, Kia’s executive VP of sales and marketing. “He brings a certain level of premium-ness to the brand and to the vehicle, and showcases it in the best possible light

This is the sixth consecutive year that Kia has made it to the Super Bowl, an event which Chevy, Ford, and the Packers decided to skip this year.