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Kia Makes Great Back-to-School Gifts

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Kia LineupAh, it’s that time of year again. Your little boy or girl is getting ready to head back to school. We know how trying it can be to watch your little one trot out the door, bag slung heavily over their shoulders and filled with all of those Lisa Frank trapper keepers and Crayola crayons you bought for them, knowing how much they’ll miss their mommy and daddy while they…

Wait. You say your kid is in college now? Well, that changes things considerably. Look, it’s been a great ride, and you love your child more than your next breath, but let’s be honest: it’s been eighteen long, long years and it’s high time that they get up outta here. But you can still do your parental duty by making sure that your young man or woman has just the right wheels to get them to where they’re going by rewarding all their hard work through high school with a new Kia.

Want to help them stand out when that inevitable ten year reunion comes up (and to have something to borrow for your forty year)? Look to 2014 Cadenza, the luxury vehicle that is “Impossible to Ignore.”

Maybe you’re still a bit of the overprotective sort, despite the fact that your kid is now nearing their twenties? The safety and reliability of the 2013 Sorento, combined with its affordability, are the perfect choice for the parent who still feels the need to call when the weather gets bad. The 2013 Kia Soul is a popular choice, and those parents looking to teach their children ways to lessen their environmental impact may consider waiting until the rumored 2014 introduction of an EV Soul. From crossover to coupe, be it the Sorento or Sportage or Optima or Forte, a Kia vehicle is a great way to get your student started on the road to success. Also, Kia vehicles are great for hauling all of their junk out of your house at last.