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Latest Autotrader Commercial Leaves Us Giggling

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Photo: Pixabay

Last month, I wished for more Autotrader commercials from Drunk History‘s Derek Waters, and the company delivered. This month’s release focuses on 18th century France and is somehow even better than the one that came before.

According to the opening title, the latest commercial takes place in France in 1780, a mere nine years before the revolution. A well-heeled gentleman walks up to a woman perched on top of her carriage to ask how much she spent on it. When the man realizes that he must have overpaid for his ride, she reassures him that it happens to everyone.

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However, their neighbor, who somehow has a Cadillac Escalade, denies that quickly, talking about how he used Autotrader to get the best deal. When the others doubt him, he points out that the Kelley Blue Book notes on Autotrader confirm the great price.

All of this is pretty standard, but my giggles started when the first man in the conversations screams across the street “Okay, we get it, you got a great price!” When the man with Autotrader asks if the agitated man got a deal on his own vehicle, he retorts with a high-pitched and emphatic, “No!”

Not going to lie, if it was possible to make that yell a ringtone on my phone, I totally would. It would certainly help my phone stand out in a crowd (and make me laugh every time).

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I looked back in Autotrader’s archives of commercials on YouTube, so I can confirm that the “Finally, It’s Easy” series of ads are Autotrader’s best yet. Hopefully, there are even more videos about to hit the internet and the airwaves.