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Latest “Sesame Street” Chrysler Ad Pits the Pacifica Against a Literal Trash-Mobile

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Oscar the Grouch decides to forego a ride in the brand-new Chrysler Pacifica in favor of a trip in his own ride: the "Sloppy Jalopy"

Oscar must be of the mindset that minivans are lame

When it comes down to it, the Chrysler Pacifica is a pretty impressive vehicle, even compared to its various competitors in the minivan segment. Of course, any vehicle, regardless of make or model, would look excellent if it were hypothetically compared to a literal trash-mobile.

That’s precisely the comparison Chrysler has demonstrated during its latest collaboration with the crew from Sesame Street.

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Entitled “Trash Talk,” the Sesame Street-centric advertisement begins with the lovable Grover offering resident curmudgeon Oscar the Grouch a ride to the library in his shiny, new Chrysler Pacifica. Oscar declines the offer, declaring that he has a ride of his own.

The vehicle in question? What appears to be a broken-down Volkswagen Beetle convertible, nicknamed the “Sloppy Jalopy.”

The “Sloppy Jalopy” in all its grouchy glory

While Grover points out the advantages of the Pacifica, such as its 360-degree Surround View Camera and, apparently, penguins, Oscar points out that he is fine with the features that his vehicle possesses, such as copious amounts of trash stored inside. To be fair, these are probably comforting surrounding for the Grouch denizen of Sesame Street.

The Count also rolls up in a Pacifica of his own. This one must be a hybrid, as the vampire plans on counting all of the gas stations they will pass on the way, given the Pacifica Hybrid’s 84 MPGe.

Pictured: Oscar the Grouch’s definition of “detailing” his car

In the end, Oscar decides to forego the library trip altogether in order to detail his car. By detailing, he of course means emptying a garbage can full of trash all over his vehicle.

You can watch the entire commercial below:

This ad is just the latest collaboration between the Chrysler brand and Sesame Street. Chrysler signed on as an official sponsor of the educational television program last year and has been helping produce similar ads ever since.

While Oscar decided to skip out on the library trip, he does seem to be abandoning some of his more “grouchy” mannerisms. In fact, we’re just surprised to see Oscar outside of his signature trash can, let alone behind the wheel of his own trash-mobile!

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