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The Latest of the Weird Fiat Commercials: Disney Animals Who Want to Kill You

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Weird Fiat commercials

Weird Fiat commercials: Endless GIF

Since its acquisition of Chrysler Group in 2011, and its triumphant return to the American market after a 27-year absence, Fiat has quickly grown to become a favorite automaker with drivers across the country. The Fiat 500 line—which originated as a retro-looking minicar and has now expanded to include the larger, family-friendly 500L and the all-electric 500e—offers high fuel economy and vintage-inspired style. These cars pretty much sell themselves. But Fiat has always had a… unique way of advertising its vehicles to us Americans. First, there was the Godzilla commercial, featuring the giant gorilla snacking on Fiats. Then, we saw the commercial made entirely of GIFs. And there have been plenty more that we haven’t reported on: “The Italians are Coming” and the one with Charlie Sheen under “house arrest” are just a couple that spring to mind. [ Watch the latest of the weird Fiat commercials below. ]

Now, Fiat has released a commercial that is equal parts cutesy and terrifying. Yes, the latest of the weird Fiat commercials appears innocent at first, with animated animals asking if your car gets crappy gas mileage, and telling you that if you just owned a Fiat 500, you’d save money, and the environment! What a winning solution; sign me up!

But wait. As the commercial progresses, the fluffy bunny says, “We think you should get a Fiat… if you know what’s good for you!” Cue the sinister music. The raccoon then informs the audience that he has several friends in the bear community, at which point a bear makes a throat-slitting gesture in the background, and a squirrel walks by saying “People go missing, you know!” The bunny finishes up the threat with “wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen…”

So basically, buy a Fiat or you will experience death by tiny woodland creatures.

Weird Fiat commercials

Oh sure, they look cute. But they will cut you.

Fiat’s advertising strategy certainly seems to be quirky, and it’s most definitely attention-grabbing and memorable, but I wonder how many people will be put off buying a Fiat because of the creepiness factor of this commercial.

If you fill up with gas this month (and chances are, if you don’t already own a Fiat, you’ll be at the gas pump every couple of days, right?), you’ll likely see the commercial, which will play on gas pump TVs for the next few weeks. And if you do own a Fiat (or any of the large number of other fuel-efficient cars out there) and don’t plan on filling up for a while, watch the video right here. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.