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Lincoln Navigator Finds New Doubles Partner in Serena Williams for Digital Campaign

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Serena Williams Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln has gotten a new brand ambassador who is arguably an even bigger deal than Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey: Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam winner and possibly the most dominant athlete to ever take the tennis court. Williams appears in a new social media campaign supporting the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.

Like McConaughey, Serena has a connection to the Lincoln brand that precedes any partnership. The first vehicle she ever purchased was a Lincoln Navigator named “Ginger,” which she drove for eight years before handing it down to her niece.

“I’ve always had a connection to the Navigator brand,” said Williams. “When I bought my first car, Ginger, it was my big step-up. I had a real luxury car now, it looked great and I felt safe. When the opportunity came to work with the Lincoln Navigator today, I was really excited because it brought me back to all of those moments I had in my first vehicle. For me, partnering with a brand like Navigator comes from a genuine place.”

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Serena now drives a 2018 Lincoln Navigator, which she says has helped her adjust to her newest pursuit: being a mother.

Serena Williams Lincoln Navigator

“Now that I have become a mom I am in my car a lot more, so my Navigator is like my new home. I take business calls from it, I prepare for my day, and it’s kind of like Olympia’s room—she takes naps, she wakes up, and she’s comfortable in it. For me, that’s what’s most important. I want what makes me feel most comfortable and what I feel most confident in driving. The Navigator checks all of those boxes.”

Let’s be real: if the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is good enough for one of the most impressive women on the planet, it’s good enough for anybody.

The short videos starring Serena and the Navigator can be found on her and Lincoln’s social media channels. You can also check them out below:

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