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Literal Spoiler Alert: Subaru STI S209 Debuts in the US

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Subaru WRX STI S209

Subaru WRX STI S209

When Subaru filed to trademark the name ‘S209’ in the US, we were all hopeful but unsure. The naming scheme fit perfectly for a supped-up version of the WRX STI, but the US has never received an ‘S’ model before. Until now, that is. The WRX STI S209 debuts in the US as the next installment in the illustrious series of S200 models.

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Right now, few details are known except for the fact of the S209 arriving in the US. Subaru released a small teaser trailer and photo of the S209 tag on a close up of the grille, but that’s all.

The S200-series has always been about high performance, and the teaser trailer follows suit. The covered S209 zips along a rural track and charts tight corners with ease.

We’re happy to announce series’ unmistakable spoiler makes a strong comeback. The first S200-series in the US wouldn’t feel right without that spoiler.

The previous entry in this line — the Japan-exclusive S208 — tore down roads with 324 horsepower and 319 lb-ft of torque. Other performance based enhancements included Brembo brakes and an exclusive suspension system. The steering gear clocked in with a speedy 11:1 ratio.

As for the exterior, the S208 didn’t disappoint with a mesh grille, front underspoiler, and satin-finished door mirrors to name a few. Oh, and we can’t forget the amazing rear spoiler.

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With each new version, the S200-series gets an upgrade in power and handling. We’re excited to learn the new specs, but we’ll have to wait a couple more days until its full unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan. 14th.

Subaru is known for releasing limited numbers of these special cars, with 450 units of the S208 made in 2017. We hope Subaru sticks with that range for the S209, and that it doesn’t only produce 30 units like they did for the WRX STi Diamond Edition.