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Lyft Introduces In-App 911 Panic Button to Enhance Safety

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Recently, we addressed the negative underbelly of rideshare services. Despite their convenience, the industry could definitely add some extra levels of security to ensure that rideshare users are safer. Lyft is doing just that. It recently announced that it’s adding some new safety features to its app. 

New safety features

The first of these changes is that the app now includes a 911 “panic button” so you can immediately connect with first responders in just a couple of taps. Once a user presses the button, the screen will helpfully display your precise location as well as the Lyft vehicle’s license plate so you can share this info with the dispatcher.

Per Digital Trends, the app will soon “increase the prominence of license plate details of the arriving Lyft car,” to help users verify that they’re getting into the correct vehicle before stepping inside. 

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Small steps to a safer experience

Lyft’s recent security updates follow in the wake of other rideshare safety improvements. For instance, back in April, Uber started incorporating new safety push alerts. These messages appear on users’ smartphone screens to remind them to check the driver’s name and license plate number before getting inside the auto. 

Mary Winfield, Lyft’s head of trust and safety, expressed the company’s commitment to keeping passengers safe. “Lyft is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to further strengthen safety measures on our platform.” She expressed confidence that the app will increase accountability and security for rideshare users. 

Lyft’s extra safety features on the app might seem like small upgrades. But, hopefully, this is just the first step of many the company will take soon, to continue to enhance the security of the user experience. Especially since some industry giants like UBS predict that rideshare services will only increase in popularity in the days ahead, as rideshare fees drop thanks to autonomous technology

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News Source: Digital Trends