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Maryland Church Gives Away Free Cars

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Churches are notorious for constantly experimenting with ploys to attract newcomers. From free coffee and donuts, to providing members with pizza and beer, there’s definitely a plethora of ways that these institutions try to engage the masses.

Destiny Church, in Columbia, MD, added its own take on “visitor perks.” Just yesterday, the church raffled away five used vehicles this past Sunday, as a creative way to boost attendance for its new strip-mall location it recently opened.

The church’s bylaws require the congregation to donate 10% of the tithes each year to a charity. This year, the members decided to allocate this fund toward the “used car raffle” initiative.

While some might criticize the ploy as being primarily a marketing gimmick, the church’s goal appears to be rooted in altruism,  as Pastor Stephen Chandler commented. “I think the idea of generosity is not just something that applies to people that are in need. We truly care about this community, whether you’re in financial straits or whether you’re in a good season of your life.”

One of the winners of the raffle, 27-year-old Janqueshia Gay, took home a Chevy Cruze. Apparently her her car’s lease was just about to end and she was in dire need of a new mode of transportation.

Whether you’re a regular church-goer or not, a car giveaway is definitely one of the most extravagant gestures a church has made to help drawn in new people while providing mobility to those in need. Perhaps more churches should take note and follow Destiny Church’s auto-themed newcomer’s strategy.

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