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Mazda and Toyota Team Up for a Revolutionary Engine

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2019 Mazda3
Photo: Mazda

Hot on the heels of the new SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine, Mazda is already hard at work on its next evolution: a new inline six-cylinder SKYACTIV-X engine, destined to power both Mazda and Toyota vehicles.

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The SKYACTIV-X gasoline engine debuted earlier this year, powering the all-new Mazda3. This innovative engine combines the money-saving fuel economy of a diesel with the power and responsiveness of a gasoline engine. Plus, it’s more fun to drive than the other SKYACTIV gas and diesel mills currently on the market.

The future of the Mazda-Toyota alliance

This new inline six-cylinder engine is expected to debut on the Mazda6 in 2022. It will also be incorporated into an unnamed, future four-door Toyota car, as well as the next-generation Lexus IS and RC models. Mazda is also expected to make its first push into the premium sedan market in 2022, with a rear-wheel-drive car powered by this engine.

In addition to the new engine, Lexus and Toyota plan to supplement the powerplant with Denso’s 48V electrical system into it. This electrical system helps run start-stop system, hybrid motors, turbos, power brakes, water pumps, power steering, and air conditioning. In conjunction with the mild-hybrid system, a supercharger, and the 48V package, the engine is expected to deliver upwards of 300 horsepower.

Aside from sharing engines (and the development costs), Mazda and Toyota also plan to work together on next-gen autonomous driving advances, purely electric vehicles, and hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology.

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Source: Forbes