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Michael Strahan Tours Ford Truck Plant During 2015 F-150 Launch

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Michael Strahan tours Ford

How do you know Michael Strahan is a big deal? Here he is with Jubstin Beavers, Urrsher, Jubstin Beavers’ stupid hat, and Jubstin Beavers’ ridiculous dirt stache
Photo Source: @MichaelStrahan/Twitter

How do you know that yesterday’s launch of 2015 F-150 production in Dearborn was a big deal? Why, because former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan was there, of course.

Protip: when Michael Strahan shows up at your event, it’s a super huge deal. The next time you throw a birthday party, look around. Do you see Michael Strahan? No? Then you are simply not all that important. If you were, then you would see Michael Strahan sloshing punch into his cup and talking about that one time he kind of sacked/fell on Brett Favre.

Turns out that Ford CEO Mark Fields, having been born in New York and raised in New Jersey, is a pretty big Giants fan. Strahan spent 14 years with the Giants, with whom he was a 7-time Pro Bowl player, four-time first-team All-Pro, and a Super Bowl XLII champion.

Strahan, who retired in 2007 and has gone on to see great success as the co-host of Live! with Kelly and Michael, took a tour of the plant and actually got to drive a new F-150 off the line.

F-150 Stock

Pictured: Bill Ford celebrating, which is drastically unlike anything the Lions will be doing by season’s end

Football was a major talking point during the first day of production on the F-150: Bill Ford, who just so happens to own the Detroit Lions, made sure to begin his speech by exalting his club for their 7-2 start. This is arguably the first time anyone has had anything positive to say about the Lions since they cut Joey Harrington.

And, sure, why not, Cleatus the Fox Sports robot was also on-hand to tour the plant. Given that the Dearborn body shot now consists of more than 500 new robots that help the process of putting together the F-150’s aluminum body, it makes about as much sense as a tour from a robot named Cleatus can make.



Expect to see a decent little think-piece/promotional spot about Strahan and Cleatus’ visit to Dearborn on Sunday’s Fox NFL Pre-Game show, of which Ford is the automotive sponsor.

Just to answer the obvious question as to why Mark Fields wouldn’t want current Giants QB Eli Manning anywhere near the launch of the new F-150, we present the following evidence:

Eli Face

Photo Source: Deadspin

News Source: Freep