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Mitsubishi Will Assist Tokyo Workers During Emergencies

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Minato City
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi is now able to more quickly assist Minato City in the event of an emergency, thanks to its disaster cooperation agreement. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is working with Minato Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. to be able to help the city if a natural disaster occurs.

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Purpose of the agreement with Minato City

Mitsubishi has recently concluded several disaster cooperation agreements with different governments in Japan. Minato City is the first local government in Tokyo and the 18th local government within Japan to do so.

The agreements allow Mitsubishi to more quickly help local areas through its DENDO Community Support Program. With the program, Mitsubishi can provide local governments with electric vehicles, which can then be utilized as power sources in evacuation sites and disaster-affected locations.

One such vehicle that could be beneficial during emergencies is the Outlander PHEV. This SUV uses the PHEV system, which runs on twin electric motors and only receives power from a MIVEC engine when necessary.

Electric vehicles could be quite valuable to Minato City, given that a multitude of companies are situated there. If a disaster were to hit the city, individuals could be stranded and not be able to commute back to their homes if roadways are blocked. The drive battery in the Outlander PHEV is capable of supplying electricity that could ultimately help make transportation possible again.

Takao Kato, chief executive officer, MMC, said at the agreement-signing ceremony, “At Mitsubishi Motors, we strongly aspire to provide safety and peace of mind to everyone in the City by securing electric power during emergencies utilizing our products and alleviating communities’ uncertainties.”

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By fiscal year 2022, Mitsubishi plans to conclude more disaster cooperation agreements and assist local governments in reinforcing support systems.