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Mythbuster Adam Savage Turns Honda Ridgeline Into a Portable Movie Theater [VIDEO]

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2017 Honda Ridgeline customized by Mythbusters host Adam Savage on Tested

After 15 seasons and 282 episodes, the cultishly adored Discovery channel show Mythbusters was cancelled this past March. Since then, series co-host Adam Savage has been keeping busy (and creative) on his website Tested, where he’s been doing appropriately nerdy DIY projects like building the captain’s chair from Star Trek and the space rifle from Barbarella.

Now Honda has given Savage a brand new 2017 Honda Ridgeline to play with, in the hopes that he can highlight the pickup truck’s more unique features, including its industry-first lockable In-Bed Trunk, Truck Bed Audio System, and Dual Action Tailgate.

The series, titled “Features Not Standard,” will run for six episodes, the first of which was released today. Take a look:

In what looks like a pretty ambitious build, Savage mounts a box containing an inflatable movie screen into the bed of the Ridgeline. Then, once dusk falls, he’s able to open up the box, blow up the screen, and start the feature film.

Additionally, Savage is able to play the film’s soundtrack on the Ridgeline’s in-bed audio system (although it looks like he’s watching Buster Keaton’s The General, which is a silent movie, so… maybe this is not the best example of the in-bed audio system’s capabilities.)

According to Honda, the next five episodes of the series will feature Savage and his crew turning the Ridgeline into “a mobile campsite, sous vide cooking station, a weather balloon launchpad, and more.”

“The partnership with Tested and Adam Savage is a great opportunity to share the versatility and functionality of the all-new Honda Ridgeline,” said Honda media executive Phil Hruska. “The Ridgeline is unlike any other truck in its segment and we’re hoping to show its capabilities and unique features through these custom builds.”