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National Corvette Museum Offers Free Admission to Federal Workers During the Government Shutdown

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Federal workers waiting for their next paycheck can at least visit this popular attraction for free

The partial shutdown of the United States government that began on Dec. 22 of last year has officially entered its 34th day. With the Senate rejecting two different proposals to reopen the government earlier today, there is no clear end in sight for what has become the longest U.S. government shutdown in the history of the nation.

Said shutdown has left approximately 800,000 federal employees without paychecks. Different organizations across the country are doing their part to help out these workers, including the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In fact, the National Corvette Museum is offering free admission to all federal employees during the shutdown.

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The offer is not only available to federal workers. It also applies for up to three accompanying family members. In order to apply for the discount, federal workers must present a qualifying ID or badge at the admissions counter.

This isn’t the first time the National Corvette Museum has done its part to help those in need. Back in 2017, the museum opened up its parking lot to those fleeing Hurricane Irma so that they could park there free of charge.

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The National Corvette Museum made national news back in 2014 after a giant sinkhole opened up inside the museum, swallowing several of its classic Corvettes. Since the incident, attendance at the Bowling Green attraction has continued to rise.

Thanks to the increase in attendance, the museum has added several state-of-the-art exhibits during the past few years, such as a racing simulator and an exhibit all about space exploration. With federal workers set to miss two consecutive paychecks, they are relying on help from charitable individuals and organizations until the shutdown comes to an end.

News Source: GM Authority