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Nat’l Average Hits $2.47 a Gallon. Thanks, Obama.

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Christmas is a little less than a week away, and all around the United States, drivers have been receiving the greatest gift of all: affordable fuel. This week, the national average for gas prices hit $2.47 a gallon, meaning that it has dropped below the coveted $2.50 threshold for the first time in five years.

Thanks, Obama.

$2.47 a gallon

“Now what are you guys angry about? Oh, wait, you’re happy about something for a change? Well…carry on, then.”

MSNBC was quick to recall former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s overarching campaign promise of $2.50 gas prices in 2012, which blamed the Obama administration for high gas prices and said that Obama was the ideal candidate “if you want $10 a gallon gasoline.”

Naturally, it takes quite a bit more than one man’s decisions to make possible the significant drop in the price of oil from which we’ve all benefitted, so the credit cannot be gifted entirely to the president. Apply that same logic the next time your relatives try to get into a Facebook dust-up wherein they say one man has single-handedly dismantled everything you hold dear.

$2.47 a gallon

“Yeah, but why hasn’t he cured the common cold yet? NOBUMMER!”
Gage Skidmore

Need another reason to be thankful for low gas prices? Check out the video below of a CBS report on the outrage surrounding $2 gas in the year 2000:

“Still, with more than 200 million gas burning cars in America, gas prices are likely to keep driving us crazy for years to come,” the report closes.

Imagine being able to look back on something 14 years after the fact, seeing how ridiculous and short-sighted people were, and using the gift of hindsight to see that maybe we didn’t have it so bad after all.

Thanks, Obama.

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