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Navigating the US: Getting Around in Miami, Florida

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Getting around in Miami involves deep sea fishing, swimming, and refreshing moments on the beach.

Fishing and boating are just a couple of the many adventures you can have in Miami, Florida.

Miami, the city of sunshine, swimwear, and nightlife, is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. Offering something for everyone – from deep sea fishing to trendy nightlife and posh hotels to art festivals, food extravaganzas, and lazy days on the beach – visitors are sure to find something that makes them tick. Miami is generally a fantastic place to visit year around. Its warm temperatures in the winter make it an especially appealing escape from the frigid temperatures of the north. Beware of hurricane season mid to late summer, when terrible weather can ruin your travel plans. If you’re travelling with your young family or are a bit more seasoned, you may want to avoid March and April, when thousands of spring breakers across the country descend on South Beach. Other than that, here are our tips for getting around in Miami:

Recommended Modes of Transportation

If time is not an issue, it’s possible to travel all commercial areas and attractions without a car. Miami is home to the most extensive and diverse public transportation system in Florida, which consists of public buses and the Metrorail. Traffic tends to be an issue in Miami, and you should plan for buses to run a bit behind schedule during high-traffic times. If you’re not staying in downtown Miami or somewhere with easy access to the public transportation system, we recommend renting a car. Rental prices are generally very reasonable, and you’ll find that getting around the city is quite convenient. Miami’s roads are designed in a grid system, and most roads are numbered based on their distance from the city center, making navigating the area easy.

Major Highways and Roadways to Know

The two main roads are Miami Avenue (running north to south) and Flagler Street (running east to west). These two roads cross in downtown Miami, the county’s symbolic center. Another helpful hint is that all avenues run north to south, while streets run east to west. Miami has four primary highways: I-95, Florida’s Turnpike, state highway 836 (also known as the Dolphin Expressway) and state highway 826 (also known as the Palmetto Expressway). Be aware that Miami’s drivers are particularly aggressive – just plan to be passive and let all the rude drivers go on with their day, and you’ll be just fine.

Getting around in Miami can be done by taking one of four highways in and out of the city.

Miami consist of four main highways: I-95, Florida’s turnpike, state highway 836, and state highway 826.

Alternative Ways of Seeing the City

Boat and air-boat tours of Miami and surrounding areas are popular. Check out some recommended tours below.

Airports and Car Rentals

Miami International Airport is Miami’s major airport and an international hub for flights to and from Europe and Latin America. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time, as Miami International tends to stay busy year-round. Car rentals are inexpensive and the airport houses numerous rental agencies, so you should have no trouble finding a rental to fit your needs. Check out Miami International Airport’s rental car webpage for a map and complete list of rental agencies and their phone numbers.

Hotels and Attractions

There is a seemingly endless list of places to visit, restaurants to eat at, attractions to check out, tours to take, night clubs to dance in, and lazy spots for taking in incredible views.

Getting around in Miami can't just be accomplished in one day, so feel free to stay awhile in one of the city's hotels.

There are plenty of venues in which you can relax, kick up your feet and take in the beauty of the refreshing city of Miami.

Create an agenda that tickles your fancy by visiting some of the resources below!

Getting around in Miami may be just the refreshing experience you need.

One day in Miami is just another day in paradise.

Do you have any tips for getting around in Miami? Leave us a comment and let us know!