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NBA Fans Enjoy Car-E-Oke During Season Games Thanks to Kia

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Kia Car-e-Oke

Kia’s new video showcases NBA fans’ love of the Kia Optima

It’s well known that Kia is the official automotive sponsor of the National Basketball League (NBA). If the brand’s many NBA-star-studded commercials weren’t evidence of this, the presence of brand’s logo on a number of surfaces in pro-basketball arenas across the country would make this clear. And, because of its prominent position, Kia has managed to create one of the most entertaining videos ever.

The recently released video showcases NBA fans from across the country. At each game in the United States, basketball fans had the chance to check out the 2016 Kia Optima sedan and 2016 Kia Sorento crossover SUV. While in the Kia Optima, fans were encouraged check out the sedan Kia describes as being “anything but an average mid-size sedan.”

And, with the encouragement of a body-less voice that scares the crap out of people at first, many of the fans begin to sing along and party it up in the Kia. These karaoke sessions—or should we say car-e-oke?—were filmed, and it seems like many of the fans were enjoying themselves.

VIDEO: Watch NBA Fans Enjoy Some Car-E-Oke

The fans sung along with some of the biggest karaoke classics out there, including “Hey Mickey,” “Jessie’s Girl,” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” While they were enjoying the vehicle’s sound system, they also noted how comfortable the seats were and the car’s luxurious Nappa leather upholstery. Needless to say, it looks like these NBA fans are definitely Kia fans, too.