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New Google Maps Update Lets Drivers Know If EV Charging Stations Are Available

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Electric Car Charging
Finding an EV charging station is now simpler than ever
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On the road to widespread EV adoption, one of the largest obstacles continues to be the lack of infrastructure for these vehicles. Even if drivers locate a charger nearby, there’s no guarantee that the chargers will not already be in use.

Google Maps already helps drivers locate nearby charging stations. A new update for the service will now alert let users know if those charging stations are currently available.

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According to Google, drivers simply need to search for “EV charging stations,” and the Google Maps app will alert them to any open charging ports nearby. The service is compatible with several charging networks, including Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnact.

Many of these charging services already have their own apps that alert drivers as to whether a charging port is currently available or not. However, the Google Maps app will help eliminate the need to download the respective apps for each of these services.

Google Maps will also provide drivers with information about each charging location, including photos and reviews.

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These updates for Google Maps are currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Google hopes to roll out this service in several other markets sometime in the near future.

Thanks to Google Maps, the days of roaming city streets looking for an open charging station will soon be a thing of the past. In doing so, the service will help accelerate the future of EVs across the country, making the segment somewhat more approachable for apprehensive drivers.

News Source: Jalopnik