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All-New Honda XR-V Debuts in China

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The All-New Honda XR-V

The All-New Honda XR-V

Honda has started launching new cars in China to compete with General Motors, which currently sells 40 models in the country. Honda’s latest offering is the Honda XR-V compact SUV crossover, which was unveiled at the Chengdu Motor Show.

It’s really just a Chinese version of the Japanese Honda Vezel, which will be coming to Europe and America eventually as the Honda HR-V. The XR-V is being produced in China as a joint venture between Honda and Donfeng, and compared to the Vezel, it does appear to have a slightly redesigned body for a more rugged look. It’s also smaller than Honda’s current CR-V crossover.

The XR-V comfortably seats five and is powered by two gasoline engine options: a 1.5-liter and a 1.8-liter. No word yet on how or if the SUV will be adapted for American car buyers when it eventually gets turned into the HR-V, aside from changing the “X” in the logo to an “H.”

An excerpt from the Chinese press release that has been translated to English says that the XR-V “specializes in city driving fun, and aims to be happy good move, like fun young urban groups to provide a new car experience.” Well damn, there’s your slogan, American Honda Motor Company. If you belong to a fun young urban group and are looking to make a happy good move with your next car purchase, you may want to wait until the XR-V makes its way to America.

This Chinese press release for the XR-V loses something in the translation...

This Chinese press release for the XR-V loses something in the translation…