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New Official Parts Let Colorado ZR2 Hit the Sand

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Chevrolet Performance Race Components 03

Chevrolet Performance has expanded its range of Colorado ZR2 racing parts with the release of 15 new components. These parts, which Chevy developed with Multimatic and Hall Racing, boost the Colorado ZR2’s off-road racing chops, particularly in the desert.

To develop these parts, the test procedure involved plenty of tearing through the sand. In total, the development team tested the parts over 10,000 miles of off-road racing, including competitions in the “Best in the Desert” racing series and a pre-run of the Baja 1000 race with famed off-road driver Chad Hall behind the wheel.

Chevrolet Performance Race Components 02

Mark Dickens, executive director of Chevrolet Performance Variants, Parts, and Accessories and Motorsports, pointed out that off-road racing are a brutal experience for car components. “Over two years,” he said, “Chad mercilessly pushed these ZR2 parts to the limit for the ultimate in development and validation. After seeing the success of the Colorado ZR2, customers have been hounding Chad for help building their own ‘Hall Racing ZR2.’”

Chevrolet Performance Race Components 01

These parts include (with MSRP in parentheses):

  • ZR2 1.5-inch Body Lift System ($937.50)
  • ZR2 Front Lift Kit (TBD)
  • ZR2 High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System (TBD)
  • ZR2 Front and Rear Long Travel DSSV Shocks (TBD)
  • ZR2 Long Travel Leaf Spring System ($3,312.50)
  • ZR2 Anti-Wrap Link System ($1,218.50)
  • ZR2 Jounce Striker/Leaf Spring Mount System ($2,062.50)
  • ZR2 Cross Car Beam System ($575)
  • ZR2 Front and Rear Jounce Shock Systems (1,231.25 front, $1,543.75 rear)
  • ZR2 Tire Rod Sleeve System ($237.50)
  • ZR2 Rear Differential Cover ($687.50)
  • ZR2 Steel Driveshaft ($518.75)
  • ZR2 Ball Spline Half Shafts ($3,840)

News Source: Chevrolet