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New Volvo VHD Truck is State of the Art

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Volvo VHD Truck Series
Photo: Volvo Trucks North America

Volvo Trucks North America has unveiled a significant update to its vocational VHD Series trucks. Featuring an updated exterior, state-of-the-art interior and numerous safety and productivity technologies, truck drivers are bound to love the new Volvo VHD Series.

To start, the new Volvo VHD’s exterior design has been brought more in line with the offerings in the Volvo Trucks family. It boasts a new grille, new LED headlights with a fully sealed headlamp component and increased visibility, and an available de-icing feature that can remove ice and snow on the headlamps without an ice-scraper.

Inside, the Volvo VHD is more ergonomic. For example, the steering wheel buttons are more touch-friendly and intuitively clustered, and the ignition has been moved to a more convenient location. The truck is also equipped with the latest Volvo connectivity technologies, including Remote Programming and Remote Diagnostics.

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For extra productivity, there’s a new VHD bumper with a heavy-duty 45-mm tow pin, rated at 80,000 pounds. Volvo says that in response to customer feedback, it designed the pin with a quick pull-out feature to improve peace of mind and increase uptime. Meanwhile, Volvo Active Driver Assist Volvo Dynamic Steering makes it easier to drive the truck, while a next-gen suite of radars and cameras enables advanced safety technologies like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Finally, the new Volvo VHD comes with a T-Ride suspension that maximizes pressure on the wheels to improve traction. It also has an I-Shift transmission with crawler gears to enhance low-speed control, make it possible to start on steep grades, and enable the VHD to reach highway speeds more quickly.

“The new Volvo VHD looks every bit as capable as it is, designed to bring new energy into the vocational market,” said John Felder, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. “Everything we’ve done to improve the model to make it more versatile and reliable also extends the life of the vehicle and increases driver productivity, safety and comfort. Drivers will love this truck because it makes hard work easy. It’s the perfect example of tougher made smarter.”

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