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Nissan Could Sue Brexit Campaign

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In case you haven’t been paying attention to politics outside of the United States, there is a contentious fight going on in the United Kingdom as it heads to a vote to determine if it would stay in the European Union or leave. The term “Brexit” has been coined to represent a British Exit from the EU, and the snipping going on between the two sides of the campaign is just as heated as that going on in the United States’ presidential election. People on the side of Brexit say that it’s about protecting Britain and giving back some of its sovereignty, and those who wish to stay in the EU call the idea a fearsome example of isolationism that could cause an economic disaster and could shove the nation into recession.

The side of the argument that wants to leave the EU, Vote Leave, is currently in hot water with Nissan. The automaker has stated that it prefers that the UK stay in the European Union, but that it would keep its manufacturing facilities in the country if the Brexit happens. Currently, Nissan builds cars, including the Nissan LEAF, in Sunderland to send around the world.

The Vote Leave movement has taken those statements from Nissan and other major companies and ran with them to show the British public that everything will be OK if they leave the EU. Nissan isn’t happy, though, because the Brexit campaign is using the automaker’s logo on propaganda brochures and other materials. The automaker has asked repeatedly for Brexit campaigners to leave it out of this and stop using its trademarked logo. Vote Leave has so far refused to comply, and it is being reported by Reuters that Nissan is considering perusing official legal action to protect itself.

Nissan’s move seems to make it abundantly clear that, while it wouldn’t leave the UK if the Brexit came to pass, it certainly doesn’t want to be seen as supporting the cause. That’s not very surprising, really, considering Nissan’s membership in the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault is based in France, and if the UK would leave the EU, any parts, technology, or employees that Nissan UK would use from Renault would face additional taxes and barriers to entry to the country. Nissan might not leave an independent UK, but there wouldn’t be much of an incentive to expand its operations, either.

The British public certainly has a lot to consider before they cast votes on June 23rd, but Nissan wants to make it abundantly clear that its powerful brand does not support the Brexit.

News Source: Reuters