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Nissan Considering Increase in LEAF Production

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2013_Nissan_LEAF_06As gas prices rise, so do Nissan LEAF sales. The automaker has seen a 230 percent increase in units sold from January to July this year from the same seven months last year. Dealerships have reported selling around 2,000 LEAFs a month but Nissan is cautious about upping production.

“Sales needs to give us the green light, and we’ll decide in September,” Bill Kreuger, Nissam Americas vice chairman and senior vice president for manufacturing, purchasing production engineering and supply chain management, says. “We want to know is this a spurt, or is this long-term?

An engine factory in Decherd, Tenn. is already taking precautions for more production and hiring third shift workers, which will produce a third more electric motors. In consideration is staffing a second shift at the battery factory, located next door to the Decherd factory. Creating the batteries for the LEAF is a tricky process that includes letting the chemicals “bake” for a month before becoming useable.

Nissan will use the August sales to decide whether to increase production. Check back at a later date for more information about Nissan and the LEAF.