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Outlander PHEV Wins Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle

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Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle

The Outlander PHEV was named Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle by Diesel Car

Thus far, the only award that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has won in the United States is the “When Does It Get Here and Why Is It Taking So Long Award,” given only to those projects that people really, really want to experience but for which they are forced to wait a very long time. In the UK, however, the Outlander PHEV is earning actual awards for achievements apart from its stateside tardiness, starting with the Diesel Car award for Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle for 2014.

“The Outlander PHEV is one of the most significant cars of 2014 thanks to its plug-in hybrid technology,” said Diesel Car editor Ian Robertson. “There’s generous space for five people, including their luggage, and best of all, it costs the same as the regular diesel Outlander to buy.”

Per InsideEVs, the staff at Diesel Car were wowed by the combination of forward-thinking technology and affordability, which are two considerable factors in the Outlander PHEV’s early success among buyers in Europe and Japan. Thus far, the Outlander PHEV has sold more than 30,000 models in those markets, finding favor with those looking for capable utility vehicles that are both powerful and incredibly fuel efficient.

“The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is very different to other hybrids in the market and we are delighted that it has won an award by such a well-respected publication such as Diesel Car, just weeks after its UK launch,” said Lance Bradley, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors UK.

“Having one of the first plug-in hybrids in the UK market that boasts 4×4 capability with an EV range of 32.5 miles and emissions as low as 44 g/km puts Mitsubishi at the forefront of a new era in the automotive industry.”

Now if we could just get this thing to America…